Monday, August 19, 2002

Sex and Martha Stewart (?)

I have read odds and ends about Martha Stewart's alleged involvement with insider trading involving ImClone. Basically I've been giving her the benefit of the doubt, figuring that lots of people had their knives out for her. After all, she's guilty of being rich, and I hear she's no treat to get along with either.

But the sympathy is gone as of today. Martha Stewart thinks the Republicans are out to investigate her sex life.
Embattled media mogul Martha Stewart is said to see a political conspiracy behind the deepening investigation into her questionable stock trades, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"Martha really believes it is the Republicans who are behind this -- and they are chasing her for purely political reasons," a Stewart intimate said this weekend.

"Martha told me that she believes they are doing the very same thing to her, they did to President Clinton. What Ken Starr did. She believes it is nothing short of a witch hunt! They are even digging into her private e-mails! They are demanding to know who she's dated. Martha said to me, 'Can you believe they want to know who I'm dating?' Republicans on Capitol Hill are probing her sex life!"
Alright, I'm a bit morbidly curious, just as I was about hedgehogs a few weeks ago. But really - Martha Stewart? How vain is that? Those Congressmen may be old, but lots of women have given big chunks of money to the Democrats - couldn't they find someone with more potential?

Don't get me wrong. She's well preserved, and I'd rank her well ahead of, say, Hillary Clinton or Janet Reno. But I'm thinking she'd be a bit, uh, particular. No thanks.

I see a David Letterman Top Ten list coming - "Top 10 things heard in Martha Stewart's Bedroom".

UPDATE: the real Letterman fails us, but she's been on his Top 10 lists before. Like this one.

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