Friday, July 12, 2002

Politically correct trash talk

I was wandering through a bookstore and found a book called "In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle". It's about a girl's high school basketball team from Amherst, MA that suffered repeated frustrations in the postseason. And they had to have been good - they had Jamila Wideman, who starred at Stanford on some excellent teams and played in the WNBA too.

Anyway, I read a few pages in. Amherst is a college town, which of course means political correctness of all stripes runs amok. Which caused some problems for the basketball team - what could they say for trash talk?

The coach came up with several examples: "I'm going to meet you outside the game and refuse to mediate". "You ignore your inner child". And the coup de gras - "So's your co-parent".

This just begs for a contest. Who can come up with the best PC trash talk?

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