Thursday, June 13, 2002


A murderer here in St. Louis decided to taunt the cops by sending them a map showing them where to find a body. The cops realized that the map was produced by Expedia, and managed to trace the request back to the murderer. Here's the story.
Investigators broke the case after a Post-Dispatch reporter received a letter and computer-generated map May 24. The map showed the intersection of Highway 67 and St. Charles Street in West Alton, and the letter writer said another body could be found at that spot. The skeleton of an African-American woman was discovered at the location by police the next day.

Investigators were able to trace the map to a computer mapping site and then were able to determine that it was Travis who had pulled up the map May 20.
Too bad the creep managed to kill himself.
According to Clayton police, Travis carefully threaded a torn strip of a bed sheet through small holes of a jail wall vent six feet off the floor and looped the other end around his neck.

He placed a pillowcase over his head, stuffed more pieces of cloth into his mouth and somehow managed to tie his hands behind his back.

With a final, fleeting thought known only to him, the 36-year-old waiter, nicknamed "Toby" by his friends and family, apparently stepped from the rim of a toilet and died.
Sounds fishy, but I'm all pitied out.

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