Friday, June 07, 2002


I don't have much new content to offer about now, but maybe you've been missing these folks.

Hawspipe has the only clean Marine joke I've ever heard.

Gene Expression is a combo of "A geneticist, a writer, a capitalist, a biochemist, an economist...and a blender." AKA Godless Capitalist, Joel Grus, Elizabeth Spiers, Razib, and Mary C. If you want controversy, this is the place.

Tom Daubert and Swen Swenson keep us up to date on Big Sky country.

The above are mere bloggers, but with Sasha Castel we have "La Blogatrice". Opera, politics, and some of everything else through the eyes of a New York woman. (What ever happened to BJ Thomas, anyway?)

And don't forget the Heritage Daily Briefing.

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