Sunday, May 12, 2002

Reality check

Alright, how many of you actually knew someone else who had a blog when you started?

I sure didn't. A reference to Instapundit from the Weekly Standard got me reading blogs last fall. After a couple of months looking around at various blogs it seemed that some of my favorite subjects weren't being covered, or maybe weren't getting my own perverse spin. Combine that with a long-suppressed urge to learn more about the Web and this is what you get.

As a result of this I've learned a tremendous amount and been exposed to some really terrific people. But in real life? - ha! I work among a bunch of late-20s to 50ish professionals, about 99% college grads, and I haven't run into one yet who knows what a blog is. And for the most part these people are IT professionals - I have to wonder what it's like among less-technical people.

We're reading all about Pim Fortuyn. I have yet to run into anybody who has heard of him. Jenin? Oh yeah, she's that porn star. Yasser Arafat? Well, you're not so skinny yourself.

So I'm looking forward to the Midwest Blog Bash this weekend in St. Louis. I haven't met any of the people there and I have no idea what any of them look like. But I'll have more in common with them in the first 5 minutes than I have with some people I've worked with for a year. Come see us!

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