Monday, May 27, 2002

Hot teen sex!

I have plenty of opinions on this topic, which seems to be going around like wildfire. Particularly with reference to this US News article.

What I found interesting was the part about the girl with gonorrhea in her throat. Where did it come from?

Implicit in the arguments for sex education is that it's the teen boys that are knocking up or infecting the teen girls. Well, kids are generally born "clean" - if one of them gets a dose of clap, there are adults involved somewhere.

Well, of course there are. Older guys have been after young girls forever, and older women aren't innocents either. Why?

Because they're better in bed? How can that be? - they don't know anything.

Ah, that's it - because they don't know anything. They're easier to impress. Buy 'em a burger, tell them they're pretty, pass them a joint and you're in the saddle. You can't stop them, you know - teens will have sex.

Or will they? Is it possible that the real problem is older predators?

So what if it is? If the kid is legal, anything goes. We wouldn't dream of passing any laws against it, and increasingly it seems that we're even losing the will to condemn this.

Maybe we should. We might not want to lock somebody up for robbing the cradle, but we can discourage it. We can treat these people as beneath contempt. We can publicize them.

And if they start suffering misfortunes at the hands of strangers unknown, well...sometimes you just can't stop people from doing things.

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