Monday, April 01, 2002

Trust me...

Yes, I know what day it is. I almost decided not to post anything thinking nobody's gonna believe it anyway. Then again, I could make very controversial claims with plausible deniability. But I wouldn't do that...

One memorable April Fool's Day my college's newspaper reran a picture from earlier in the year. It showed the head of the campus police force after he had participated in some sort of cream pie throwing contest. But the second time they changed the caption, claiming that he had been caught in a sperm bank explosion, and quoted him as saying "Quick, get an Alpha Gam and help me clean up!"

What do you expect from a tech school that had 8 guys for every female and produced engineers like Jeff Foxworthy?

Notice I said "females" above. Our coeds were maligned, and allegedly the football field had Astroturf to keep the cheerleaders from grazing. But we did have a few babes, including a Cindy Crawford lookalike named Brenda (pant pant), and I think Playboy has recruited a few for their "Girls of..." shoots.

These were serious women. They had better things to worry about than my favorite advertisement - a Playboy gatefold clad only in sheer fabric and a strategically placed picture of a Hewlett-Packard calculator which brightened the wall of the Engineer's Bookstore. Ah, those were the days.

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