Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Screw abstinence

Dave Tepper highlighted this item, questioning just what part of the Constitution permitted such mandates. I'll note that the govt certainly sticks its nose into many places it doesn't belong, but I found the article interesting for other reasons.

First there's this:
"There is no evidence whatsoever that an abstinence-until-marriage program affects a young person’s behavior," said Barbara Huberman, director of education and outreach at Advocates for Youth, an organization that promotes comprehensive sex education. "The science in this country tells us the comprehensive, open approach helps kids delay initiation of the first sexual experience."
Then there's this:
Huberman said a University of Minnesota study found abstinence exercises like the Baptist-inspired "Virginity Pledges" — where kids write out promises not to have pre-marital sex — delay the age at which kids have sex for the first time.

"But the sad thing was that those kids who took the pledge and broke it were much less likely to use contraception," she said.
Well, does it affect their behavior or not?

Then, just to show that some people can foul up anything, there's this:
Only California didn't accept the federal funds because it had tried abstinence education before and found it failed.
Have they had a sudden burst of immaculate conceptions in California?

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